Nature Diary


Sorry folks – I’m back!  I don’t know where the summer (summer?) has gone. Not only did the grouse have an excellent breeding time but we are now into the grouse-shooting season.  The weeks seem to have flown by.  The curlews and lapwings must have left the moors as I have not heard their calling for some time now.  I heard a golden plover the other day so presume some of them are still around but it won’t be long before they too depart for the coastal regions for the winter.

The bloom on the heather this year has been glorious, the best it’s been for many summers. I could smell its honey-scented perfume every time I opened the door to go outside. The photo is the view of it from my bedroom window.  Fantastic!

After the unhappy demise of our frogspawn we were later rewarded with several newts that visited the pond. We counted up to a dozen or more which must have laid eggs as we saw many tadpoles later.

The pond is now quiet and adorned with our beautiful water-lilies.

Water-lilies in bloom

I have been busy re-doing my website, visiting my new granddaughter, Holly,  in Aylesbury and publishing a new anthology for our writers’ group.  Hopefully, it will be released in October so will tell you more about that nearer the time.

From my bedroom window

What a view!

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3 Responses to Nature Diary

  1. earlybird says:

    That heather is amazing!

  2. Ann Bowes says:

    Thank you! yes, It has been truly brilliant. Have posted another photo in my photography page which I’m sure you will like.

  3. Thomas Davis says:

    What a beautiful place in which to live.

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