Our Love was like a Shining Star

Our love was like a shining star
Lost in a golden hue
A love we knew could never be
Yet constantly it grew.

A fleeting glance across a room,
A twinkle in your eye
Could set my pulses racing fast,
My spirits flying high.

And if by chance your presence was
So close that I could feel
Your warm breath soft upon my face,
My senses then would reel.

And if your hand should gently brush
So lightly on my skin,
I’d feel excited tremors stir
Hot passions deep within.

It was a love that never dimmed,
A love forever true,
For you became a part of me
And I, a part of you.

We shared a special kind of love
And like that shining star,
It never lost its golden power
That bound us from afar.

Inspired by Robbie Burns –   ‘My love is like a red, red rose’.  © Ann Bowes.  2008-02-05

This was written as an excercise using the words ‘always and never’.

Always and Never

You say that you will always love me
Does that mean for ever?
But if someday you’re taken from me
Then always would be never
For how can love remain always
Without you here to show it?
For I know I will love forever
Yet always never know it.

He said that he would always love me
Did that mean forever?
When one day he was taken from me
And always became never.
So how can love remain always
When he’s not here to show it?
Deep down I know I’ll love forever
Yet always never know it.
                                                                                                           December 2011

The Boxing Day Meet

On a bright and chilly morning folks all head for Blakey pub
There will be good cheer a-plenty and hopefully, some grub!
As Boxing Day is special at the inn high on the moor
For the local hunt will be there, entertaining rich and poor
There’ll be young and old on horseback who’ll hack from near and far
The wealthier have their trailers, while others come by car
On foot they’ll climb the hillsides from Farndale and Rosedale, too
Nat Farrow, Ben Brown and Bertie, to mention but a few.

Excitement has abounded and as daylight fades away
Both men and hounds all head for home having had a splendid day
There’s few now left a-drinking and they look a sorry plight
As they stagger through the door and head home into the night
But there’s one who’ll need assistance and it’s always old Nat Farrow
So just like all the other years he’s tipped into the barrow
And with curses and much laughter they’ll all stumble down the dale
Singing the praises of John Peel and the good old Blakey ale.

This was based on a true story!


This is a short poem written recently for our writers’ group.

The Return

I long for your return and all it brings

For the winter has been long and strangely cold

With lonely nights and empty days to fill

   With memories and words as yet untold.

I notice now the daylight hours grow long

   The sun tries hard to warm the sodden earth

For there’s fresh life awaiting to emerge

   Into another cycle of rebirth.

Yet in my heart I wait for life to stir

   And fill me with great joy when you return

Our love, I know, will blossom once again

   For spring will bring all things for which I yearn.

                                                                                                      March 2014

Remembering our son

Such treasures to hold
More precious than gold
The children that God gave to me
but one he recalled
So loved by us all
One we can no longer see
We all love you Dan
For you were the one
With a permanent smile on your face
And though you’re not here
We know you are near
Special mem’ries no-one can erase

Remembering our lovely son

Remembering our lovely son

These were the words that came to mind on the anniversary of our dear son whom we lost when he was 25 years old

7 Responses to Poetry

  1. earlybird says:

    a lovely poem, Ann, full of those tiny,unforgettable, breathless moments

  2. Thomas Davis says:

    The music is wonderful, the language delicious, and it avoids all the things that can go wrong with poetry of this kind: The too mushy, almost embarrassing, sort of dumb starstruck when young and filled with verve and fire. There is also a cleverness here, along with the music, that sashays through the language, making the poem alive.

  3. fryupress says:

    Thankyou for your comments. So glad you found so much to enjoy in it. Will post some more but rather hectic times!

  4. “Our Love was like a Shining Star” – what a beautiful poem! And I can relate so lose.y to eery word!


    PS So glad I found your blog. And I want your pond!! 🙂

  5. Thomas Davis says:

    “Remembering Our Son” had a strong affect for me. Ethel and I lost our son to cancer at 27. You never walk past that loss. I really enjoy your poetry.

    • fryupress says:

      No, it’s always with you. Somehow we learn to live with it and cherish the memories. My first book ‘Riding for Life’ was very theraputic and set me out on a new career so some good has come out of my great sorrow.

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