Riding on the moors

I recently discovered, much to my delight, that a good friend used to ride a lot when much younger.  We met on the stage of our local Music Society a few years ago. She expressed an interest in riding again so after chatting with another friend and neighbour  I arranged to borrow his horse for my friend. As he is nearing 80 (but still riding!) he was more than happy for an experienced rider to take out his young horse. My friend was a little in awe when she met the four year old ‘Guinness’ as he stands over 17 hands and she had not ridden for over 30 years! She has now got used to his long strides and they are getting on fine. He is a gentle giant and so far hasn’t put a foot wrong.  Dannyboy knows his way anywhere over these moors and is a good leader and we have had some wonderful rides. Here are a few of the fantastic views we have enjoyed on our rides. The moors are comparatively quiet now the curlews and lapwings have once more departed to the lowlands for the winter. We see many grouse on our rides and the autumn fruits on the Mountain Ash and Hawthorns are now heavily laden and vibrant in colour.Gt Fryup DaleCastle and DanbyLittle Fryup

Views 1. Looking down into Great Fryup Dale.  2. Across to Danby Castle from the ‘Heads’ and Danby Village. 3. Little Fryup Dale with the site of Danby Beacon in the distance.

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  1. Thomas Davis says:

    Your moors are beautiful.

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