This Dear Land

This Dear Land by Jean Collins is my latest publication.

When, in 1397 towards the close of the 14th century, Ghislane was persuaded to marry Sir Stephen Marchant, she little dreamed that she would one day play a vital part in one of England’s great upheavals.  After a none too happy childhood as an orphan in a strictly ruled convent and as a seamstress in a rich, worldly court she confusedly allowed herself to be guided into a completely new path of life.  Sir Stephen was lord of a small manor, in the Yorkshire Dales, part of the vast estates of the Duchy of Lancaster.  When he lent his support to Henry of Bollingbroke who, after being banished by the king, Richard II, returned with an army to reclaim his inheritance, Ghislane found it fell to her to stop the betrayal of the plans, thus helping to set a new king on the throne and alter the course of English history.  Through her actions on one desperate night she came to realise her deep love for her husband.  She also met Thomas whose love for her released a passionate side of her nature which she had never known existed even through her love for Stephen.

My latest publication

This is an historical novel and written by the same author as ‘Heartbeat of a Moorland village. It retails at £8.99 and has 260 pages.

Summer Sale!  Bargain price of £5.00

Email me for p & p details etc.

2 Responses to This Dear Land

  1. Kim Scott says:

    I loved This Dear Land! What a beautiful writer

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