Friends Forever

When Louise Bentley returns unexpectedly to the enchanting picturesque valley midst the wild and expansive North Yorkshire Moors where she was born, she is surprised how easily she slips back into the rural way of life.  She rekindles her childhood friendship with the two brothers from a neighbouring farm and is instantly attracted to the handsome gamekeeper who now works on the estate moors.  Despite working in the hotel trade she has never lost her love of animals and the natural wildlife.  She finds the powerful hold the area has over her is stronger than ever.  When the stranger, a young girl, comes to work and live in the dale, her arrival has an irrevocable effect on Louise and her future.  As Louise blossoms into womanhood she experiences many emotions and is devastated to have to leave her beloved Dowerdale, this time with a broken heart.  Will she ever find the happiness she hoped for?

For all country lovers with a fascinating romance running through

This book is available in hardback and has 196 pages.

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