Mountain Ash midst the purple heather

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A frosty River Esk at Lealholm

North York Moors at their best

Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale, in the Autumn

Bluebells in Arncliffe Woods

8 Responses to Photography

  1. Is it Beggar’s Bridge? Such a beautiful flying span. The railway line will be just behind you – I think.

  2. Glorious new pictures – roll on Summer!
    Hob Hole – so called because goblins and demons live there?

  3. Whitby entrance – on the horizon you can see the curvature of the Earth. Why didn’t Hilda or Caedmon notice that, centuries before Columbus? But maybe it’s just your wide-angle lens doing it . . .

  4. Bluebells in the woods
    Sweet swan necks in a mist haze
    through the rides of Spring

  5. Thomas Davis says:

    There is something so wonderful about heather and moors and bodies of water that are so still hardly a ripple can be seen. These photographs put me in another place as the New Mexico wind howls outside and the snow is horizontal and so thick that you cannot see the ridges of the Zuni Mountains outside our window. Lovely work.

  6. fryupress says:

    Thank you for your comments. I didn’t realise you got much snow as far south as you are! We have had very little snow so far this winter, unlike last year. Would love to see a photo of your view from home.

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