Never had a better

Front cover NhaBI have really enjoyed publishing this book as it contained some very interesting and historical information. Andrew started researching his family hiBee Boles at Ponden Millstory and became so involved he just kept looking further into his ancestry, the result being this fascinating account of his forebears dating back a thousand years! It features relatives who emigrated to Arkansas and connections to the Brontes from Howarth, Robin Hood and much more.

If you are interested in or would like more information  about this book visit my website. (Click on Ann Bowes in blog roll) It is available as a PDF download.

   An old Yorkshire custom tells us that “when a member of the family who owns the bees dies, the bees must be informed of the death and the hive draped in black. Wine, spirits, and tobacco from the funeral feast must also be offered to the bees who watch over the welfare of those to whom they belong. It would be unwise to offend them. Should a swarm settle on a dead bough, it foretells death to another member of the family”


Ponden Mill was built on a corn mill site by one of the Robert Heatons from Ponden Hall in 1791. It was built for cotton spinning and after 1835 used for worsted spinning. Robert Heaton died in 1793 and his mill burnt down in 1795. His two sons, Robert and William, rebuilt the mill with the help of insurance money received from the Royal Exchange Fire Office and recommenced cotton spinning. They spent £285 of the £493 insurance money they had received on rebuilding. The new mill and contents were insured for the following amounts in 1795:

  Ponden Mill  £550           Mill work    £100

  Machinery    £420           Stock             £430 

                                                       Total  £1500 

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