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Hello to all who follow me. Have just put my cake in the oven so am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas. I will renew last January’s new year resolution and be more determined to … Continue reading

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March Nature Diary

What a glorious two weeks of weather we have been experiencing! Far too good to be sat indoors on the computer, hence my notes are rather late in being posted. Earlier in the month I managed an all too infrequent … Continue reading

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January 2012

    The moors have lost their purple lustre of summer and are looking brown, bare and deserted. There appears to be a good stock of grouse who have survived the shooting and are now paired up ready for the breeding … Continue reading

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Nature Diary

September Sorry folks – I’m back!  I don’t know where the summer (summer?) has gone. Not only did the grouse have an excellent breeding time but we are now into the grouse-shooting season.  The weeks seem to have flown by.  … Continue reading

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I grow many flowers for cutting, including outdoor spray chrysanthemums.  I take cuttings from my over-wintered stools (the root part) and grow them on.  This year there was great disappointment when I brought the stools out from their winter storage.  … Continue reading

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Now in late April, all has gone comparatively quiet except for the occasional warning call when possible intruders are present. The hens are busy laying and sitting on their eggs.  The grouse are more visible than the other birds as … Continue reading

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After the amazing croaking of the numerous frogs in our pond, which lasted about two weeks, we were left with huge amounts of black-eyed spawn and the pond became serenely quiet once more.  Our anticipation of watching the expected masses … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

This last week the joyous sound of numerous frogs in our small freshwater pond has lifted my spirits after a long, cold and dreary winter. I have never seen so many during the mating season in the pond since we … Continue reading

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My Nature Diary

2010 December 16th As we are threatened by more falls of snow, my concern rises for the welfare of the red grouse. These birds are native to our country and are found only on the heather clad moors, mainly in … Continue reading

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