Hello to all who follow me. Have just put my cake in the oven so am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas. I will renew last January’s new year resolution and be more determined to keep it by writing more.

Thankfully my website is now back up and running and should not be off air again as I have changed the company I register with.

I am thinking of putting my novel ‘Friends Forever’ onto Amazon as an Ebook. Have any of you tried this?

See you all soon with more nature notes. Will add a poem describing an amusing incident that actually happened regularly, many years ago.

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2 Responses to Christmas

  1. Season’s best wishes to you, Ann.
    Re Amazon: Both editions of my book, ‘Tom Fleck’ have been through the Ebook process with Amazon. The new edition is via Amazon’s publisher
    Createspace also publish the latest paperback version.
    Another edition of ‘Tom Fleck’ is with in the USA; they make ebooks available to all electronic readers apart from, but including, Amazon’s kindle.
    I used the skills of a specialist to prepare the ebook.
    The sites will tell you all you need to know about royalties etc. Createspace is a good service and is free unless you need specialist help (then it is pricey). If you need any more info, please ask.

  2. sonsylass says:

    Best wishes for the year ahead, Ann – I shall look out for your Ebook!

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