March Nature Diary

What a glorious two weeks of weather we have been experiencing! Far too good to be sat indoors on the computer, hence my notes are rather late in being posted. Earlier in the month I managed an all too infrequent ride on Danny Boy up the moor.  The curlews had already arrived once more and it was a delight to listen to their warbling calls.  As I rode quietly along, enjoying the fresh morning air, I felt I had the world to myself for I never met a single soul – no ramblers, no dog-walkers or other riders.  It was so peaceful with only the birds, notably the skylark, singing high above me, or the warning cackle of the grouse, breaking the silence. Since then the pee-wits and the golden plovers have also returned to the moors from their winter dwellings in the coastal regions.

Our homemade duck deterrent!

We had a rare week away at the end of February, a family holiday, to celebrate one of our grandson’s 18th birthday.  We stayed in the Brecon Beacon part of Wales, a first visit to this area, and the exceptionally good weather made our stay even more enjoyable. We returned home to find an abundance of frog spawn in the pond and only caught the end of the frog’s mating chorus. Two days later, when approaching the pond, I was dismayed to see two ducks taking flight.  Fortunately, they had not had time to devour much of the spawn but my husband decided to take action and erected a makeshift scarer. This consisted of strips of coloured plastic cut from animal feed bags and attached to lengths of string which were then suspended between garden canes erected around the pond. It seemed to do the trick for the ducks have since flown over twice but not found the courage to land and we now have hundreds of tiny tadpoles in the pond.  We found it very curious, as we have not seen this pair of ducks since they visited us last year, and wondered how they knew to return at exactly the right time?  Nature never ceases to amaze us.

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2 Responses to March Nature Diary

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    I just love when you make a post. This is such a good description of nature around you.

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