Now in late April, all has gone comparatively quiet except for the occasional warning call when possible intruders are present. The hens are busy laying and sitting on their eggs.  The grouse are more visible than the other birds as the male will find a good look-out position and keep guard as his mate broods on her nest but will watch over the nest when she leaves it briefly to feed.

I do apologize for being so late with my nature news but this is a hectic time of year in the garden and I have been rehearsing for a play with our drama group that was performed in the local theatre over Easter.  It was an Alan Aykebourne play, most enjoyable but took up a lot of time. The other reason for my delay in posting the news was the disablement of our phone and broadband connections caused by a tremendous thunderstorm.  Thank goodness for mobile phones!  I only use mine in emergencies and this was certainly one of them. I was off line for almost two weeks.

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1 Response to April

  1. earlybird says:

    Welcome back on line, Ann. Thank goodness my internet connection was only down for 5 days. It seemed like a lifetime!

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