Signs of Spring

The Frog Chorus

This last week the joyous sound of numerous frogs in our small freshwater pond has lifted my spirits after a long, cold and dreary winter. I have never seen so many during the mating season in the pond since we moved here seven years ago. Already there are several clumps of spawn and soon it will cover the whole pond.

Close Encounter

The grouse are busy claiming there territories and yesterday as we returned home there was a pair right by the drive gate. We hear them often and they are obviously going to be nesting quite close to the house.
We finally got back on the tennis court this last week after a lapse of three months due to the adverse weather. Our two courts at the local club are outdoor all-weather courts and must be the highest above sea-level in England! They are literally on the edge of the moor. Sometimes the wind can be a problem but you learn to adapt. Dressed in sweatshirts, tracksuits and gloves we embrace the cold and enjoy the excercise! It was while playing yesterday that we heard for the first time this year the calling of the peewit (lapwing). Soon they will return in numbers on the moors to breed once more.

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5 Responses to Signs of Spring

  1. earlybird says:

    Amazing photos of the frogs! I’d love to be out on the moor – the wind bringing the sounds of the frogs mating and the grouse and peewits’ calls…

  2. I visited today (to collect the fliers Ann had made for ‘Tom Fleck’) She took me to the pond – but the amphibian host had vanished. Just masses of spawn remained – black dots in jelly, minding its own business and getting on with cell division.
    So I came back down the dale, shoved a few fliers through the neighbours letter-boxes and sold a book to chap stood quietly, minding his own business, in his garden.
    He had just finished a Bernard Cornwell.

  3. What glorious photos of the frogs. My sister has a small pond too, across the street, and these evenings I have been enjoying the song of the frogs as well. I love your photo with all their little heads popping up!!!!!

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